Erectile dysfunction Drugs

A satisfying sex is often no longer possible, although sexual desire (libido) often exists. Potency problems increase with increasing age. A power failure is for the man (and woman) associated with great suffering. It can be behind this psychological causes, but also diseases such as atherosclerosis or diabetes. Here you can read everything about the causes and the treatment of impotence.

Erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction occurs in about one man in 40 years to at least temporarily. The proportion of men with impotence increases with age. But men under 40 may be affected by erectile dysfunction. The erectile impotence can reduce both the quality of life and well-being of the affected man, as also burden the partnership.

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Here, above all, a balanced diet is important. You should not be too rich in fat and not too rich in meat. In particular, the consumption of fruits and vegetables is recommended. In addition, fiber is intestine. With such a diet can be a disease of diabetes mellitus (type 2) prevention, which in turn reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction.

There are many circumstances such as physical or mental exhaustion, acute illness or stress in the family, at work, in the social environment, which may adversely affect erectile function. But this failure of erection is not erectile dysfunction. When the State of affairs has relaxed again, then the erection will stop as usual. Often erectile dysfunction is confused with other sexual disorders such as lack of sexual desire (lack of libido) and premature ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction drugs

By definition, mean erectile dysfunction in the medical sense, the inability to engage in sexual intercourse. In this case, the rigidity of the penis, which is referred to as rigidity, for performing the sexual act is not sufficient, or may not last long enough. The combination is also possible. The perform the sexual intercourse is crucial. The fertility is not affected by this definition. Of erectile dysfunction will be discussed when the person than three months does not come into more in three quarters of all attempts at a sufficient erection.

The easiest and fastest way to treat erectile dysfunction, is to be prescribed a potency enhancing agent. Known means are for example Viagra, Levitra or Cialis - are known mainly from spam emails, however be developed by well-known pharmaceutical companies and can be prescribed by the doctor.

Even severe psychological and psychosomatic disorders can not be excluded. Especially clinically relevant Melancholy is often diagnosed as the cause of erectile dysfunction. In most cases, the sexual dysfunction has extreme impact. Almost always there is a major disruption of the partnership sexuality.

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Especially men over 40 years are affected. But even in younger erectile dysfunction is diagnosed more frequently. The incidence correlated both with age, as well as various physical and psychosocial risk factors such as coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus (diabetes), hypertension, depression and stress.